Fremont County Democratic Party Elects New Officers

LANDER – The Fremont County Democratic Party gathered on Sunday March 24th in Lander to conduct their election of officers. Lander resident Bruce Palmer was selected as chair and Sherry Shelley of Riverton will be the group’s vice-chair. Gena Robinson was elected secretary and Michael Crosby will be the group’s treasurer. Robinson and Crosby both reside in Lander.

Lander’s Roland Robinson and Riverton’s Sally Rowe-Kaufman will represent the county party as state committeeman and state committeewoman. All of those elected will serve for a term of two years

“I am excited to serve in this role,” Palmer said. “Fremont County is home to a diverse group of people. While clearly outnumbered in registered voters it is important to note that House District 33 has sent a Democrat to Cheyenne for the past ten years. This year in District 54 44% of those voting voted against the Republican and we saw similar results in Riverton. With good organization and hard work the Democratic message of putting people first can be a winning one.”

The Executive Director of the Wyoming Democratic Party, Robin Van Ausdall, was in attendance as was the Laramie County Chair, Vince Rousseau. Van Ausdall offered congratulations to the new leadership team and updated those gathered on Democratic Party happenings at the statewide level. She reported that while on the state level the 2012 elections were disappointing there are reasons for optimism going forward. The party has just hired a new media coordinator to improve communications around the state and a number of young, new county chairs have been elected this year.

The group took the opportunity of having Van Ausdall present to discuss party building and election strategies. Ideas for greater community involvement were discussed, as well as ways to help local communities best understand the values that the Democratic Party represents.

About the Fremont County Democratic Party

The Fremont County Democratic Party believes in and loves Wyoming and the people who live here. From Jeffery City to the Wind River Indian Reservation to Dubois and everything in between, the Fremont County Democrats put people first with forward-thinking, common sense solutions. The number of Democrats active in the party locally is small, but there are literally thousands of Democrats living in our communities. To learn more: 307.349.4718 or visit