Rut-ro. Balanced Wyo. Life Resource Center Study in Jeopardy

The home of 90 of Wyoming's most vulnerable citizens is under attack.

The home of 90 of Wyoming’s most vulnerable citizens is under attack.

In the roller coaster ride that is our legislative process yesterday we went from the tremendous high of having the amended bill that would assure a balanced study of the Wyoming Life Resource Center sail through the Senate to just a few hours later having the amended bill trounced when it went back to the House for concurrence. The original House Bill 68 called for a study to transition clients out of the WLRC to community based programs or nursing homes. The Senate amended bill takes a different, and better ,approach requiring a balanced study on effectively and efficiently meeting the care needs of the clients of the WLRC. Without House concurrence the bill now goes to a conference committee to negotiate a compromise and then be returned to both chambers for a vote. This compromise could be the original House bill. Or it could be the amended Senate bill. Or it could be something in between. Or there could be no compromise and it dies.

We need to encourage the conferees that the amended Senate bill is the best way forward. It is client centered and unlike the original bill it does not presume that best outcome for the residents of the WLRC is to moved from their home on campus. Click on the names below to be taken to each of the conferee’s profile and email address.

The House Conferees are Elaine HarveyLee FilerMatt Greene. Green and Harvey both voted against accepting the Senate amendments and Filer voted for. We should encourage Filer to hang in there with support of the amended bill and work to influence Harvey and Greene to agree to the amended version.
The Senate Conferees are Charlie ScottEli Bebout and Stan Cooper. All three voted for the amended bill. A thank you and encouraging word would be in order.


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