Marriage Equality Resolution

Adopted by The Fremont County Democratic Party

June 8, 2014

Whereas, Marriage is a fundamental freedom that should not be denied to anyone; and

Whereas, Marriage provides legal and economic protections including access to health care and health care decision rights, parenting rights, property rights, inheritance rights, and other protections which are vital to the safety and security of every family; and

Whereas, Same sex couples in America pay taxes, vote, serve in the military, run small businesses, work hard and pay into the same system as everyone else; and

Whereas, No clergy, church or religious organization will ever be forced to perform a wedding that violates their religious beliefs; and

Whereas, The U.S. Supreme Court has concluded denying marriage to same sex couples is unconstitutional; and

Whereas, The State of Wyoming is “The Equality State”; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Fremont County Democratic Party [FCDP] shall support the right of all persons regardless of gender to enter into civil marriage; and

Resolved, That the FCDP shall support local, state, and national legislation to grant equal civil marriage rights to couples regardless of gender; and

Resolved, That the FCDP shall work against any legislation which denies equal civil marriage rights to couples based on gender.

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