The Fremont County Democratic Party is your local connection to the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Obama. We are proud of what Democrats have accomplished nationally, in the state of Wyoming and in our local communities.

The number of Democrats active in the party locally is small, but there are literally thousands of Democrats living in our communities. You are not alone.

The Fremont County Democrats meet every month to talk politics, hear from speakers on policy issues, adopt political positions, share a meal and talk politics some more. It is intellectually stimulating, sometimes exasperating and always fun. Details on the Events page. We hope that you will join us.

We are drawn together by more than just a desire to talk and hang out together. We share a common set of beliefs and act on them.

Fremont County Democratic Party Officers 

Kevin Wilson, Chair  

Marie Kranz, Vice Chair  

Sandy Martinez, Treasurer

Mary Haper, Secretary

Rod Haper, Committeeman

Julia Stuble, Committeewoman

Left to right: Sandy Martinez, Kevin Wilson, Marie Kranz, Mary Haper, Rod Haper


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